Steve Duke


About Steve Duke

Rooted in jazz and classical traditions, saxophonist Steve Duke has established himself as a leading artist in contemporary music and improvisation. His improvisations and technical prowess in computer music have earned him international acclaim. His album recordings include Monk By 2 with Joe Pinzaronne (Sony/Columbia), Saint Ambrose with Rodney Waschka II (Capstone). He recently recorded a piano and sax duo albums, Passing Through and Remote Improvisations, with pianist/composer Kurt Stallmann (available on Amazon). 

Stallmann-Duke Duo

Pianist/composer Kurt Stallmann and Steve Duke began collaborating on original electro-acoustic music piece Changing Course in 2011, which lead to the piano and saxophone Stallmann-Duke Duo. Throughout 2021-23, they recorded 500 improvisations remotely over the internet. In 2019 the duo released a CD album, Passing Through, of piano/sax improvisations.

More Sounds

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