Sep 09

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Music is a What and When Question

What do you play and when do you play it?  Without one there is not the other.  It is like catching a bus. You have to be at the bus stop when the bus stops.  Otherwise, there is no bus.

Likewise, a note placed at the wrong moment creates an incomplete sound.  Literally, there is no sound when there should be. The flow or time feel is interrupted, and for a brief moment, everyone is left wondering what the sound should be.  So, the placement of the note is an essential part of the sound.

When the placement is right, everyone becomes more comfortable and listens more closely. When a note is misplaced, the other musicians filter out the distracting sound and interact less openly.  Consequently, other qualities deteriorate like tuning, balance, and blend.

So, always consider WHAT you want to play and WHEN you want it to happen. Your performance will be more effective and your ensemble will interact better.

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