Jan 15

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How To Determine “Good” Technique

Technique is a simple question. Do you do what you intend? Yes or no. But, given the number of styles, genres, schools, and models, how can you objectively evaluate your technique?

Most sound has four elements – pitch, tone, volume, and duration. You can create technical exercises by changing one of the elements and notice if the others remain the same. For example, you can play an arpeggio using whole notes, tapering each note down to nothing. The pitch (within each note), the tone, and the duration should remain the same, only the volume of the note changes. If the other elements change, you are not doing what you intend. As you taper each note, the pitch might get sharper or the tone might switch to a sub-tone? Can you taper a note without changing the pitch or tone?

These elements can be used to objectively evaluate your technique, regardless of style or genre. You also can add the use of recorders, tuners, and metronomes to check to see if you are hearing things accurately.

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