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Solo Recording Biliography

Solo Albums


Composer Thelonious Monk (with Joe Pinzaronne)

PinDu, 001


Monk By 2 (with Joe Pinzaronne)

Columbia, CK 66975


Saint Ambrose, one act opera for saxophonist, actor, computer music and projections, by Rodney Waschka II

Capstone, CPS-8708


Recorded Solo Works


BluesAx, by Larry Austin

The Composer in the Computer Age–VIII: Larry Austin–SoundPlays, Cityscapes, SoundPortraits: 1993-96. CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 28.

Centaur, CRC 2428


BluesAx, by Larry Austin

Cultures Electronique, GMEB/UNESCO/CIME. 
Vol. 9: Prix MAGISTERIUM du Concours 1996

LDC 278062


Tableaux: Convolutions On A Theme, by Larry Austin

The Composer in the Computer Age X; Ottuplo! Larry Austin: The Eighth Decade. CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 35

Centaur, CRC2830


Veiled Resonance, by Elainie Lillios

Music from Bowling Green University, CDCM Computer Music Series, Vol. 38

Centaur, CRC 3081


Veiled Resonance, by Elainie Lillios

Music from SEAMUS Volume 18



Helix, by Jan Bach

Music of Jan Bach, with the Chicago Philharmonic

Equalibrium, EQ 79


Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra, by Dexter Morrill

Dexter Morrill: Three Concertos

Centaur, CRC 2604


Sax Houses, by James Phelps

The Composer In The Computer Age – VI, 
CDCM  Computer Muisc Series Vol. 23.

Centaur, CRC 2302


¡Tárogató!, by Larry Austin

Octo Mixes Larry Austin

EMF CD 039


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